Your free banner as evidence of your professionalisme !


nouveau live 

After a moment of reflection, this is it, you start in order to differentiate yourself from the competition. You are one of the pioneers to propose real estate live visits on the internet. Congratulations! the market is going in this direction!

Service a bit surreal? Go further with competent professionals and stay aware about the possibilities of broadcasting (yes you need an internet connection!...)

Novelty and professionalism, These are the two arguments that demonstrates your banner.

For your banner simply register and make us a request by email : [email protected]

 banniere Action Live Partner immobilier

Here is an exemple of a standard banner 468 x 60 pxls, on request we personalize you the dimensions and it will point to your presentation. 



Your properties are listed on the internet, in newspapers and usual ways of disribution, joining ACTION LIVE PARTNER international network, these are not your ads which are hilights (at least not at first) but yourself! You join the first directory of users of the live videoconference as a sales tool.

The prospect, viewing your presentation directly knows your delivery conditions (for exemple: you choose to offer the visit for free or for a minimum price).

To give you an idea, here following the announcement that I now broadcasts as a real estate agent in the city of Prague. The first services are very successful in terms of quality and satisfaction!

If you do not have your broadcasting, awaiting our own application, we can advise you on the possibilities, it is very simple and mostly free!

See you and enjoy !