You always hoped to be your own boss and work the way you wanted?

You are paying attention to new technologies and like to communicate with people, go ahead and find out how you can generate income.

Action Live Partner gives you the opportunity to highlight your skills in business and communication.


First, take the only equipment needed : a last generation mobile phone or tablet with 3G/4G connexion. If you are interested a little bit more in the technology and want to offer a more specific service, discover our product range, you will find other solutions to broadcast live over the internet.

One time equiped, you can choose your favorite domain such as: real estate, international fairs, sports events, antiques ... the choice is free!

At this point you only have to organise yourself, you and your team (yes ! why not !) to provide live visits through ACTION LIVE PARTNER webpage. You are on the camera side and the spectator views all on his personal computer.

Communication is in most cases customized, and you offer here a completely new service, your new prospects will be happy to have a first communication with you via video ... discovering with you what you offer, because that is what we are talking about: the use of videoconferencing ... but mobile.

Go ahead and take the plunge: register on ACTION LIVE PARTNER and offer your live visits totaly for free... you just need to manage your image (professional and video quality) and be present at the meetings.

You are then free to monetize or not your live Actions.

We are looking for agents in different sectors and that in all major cities of the world!

Welcome all !


PS: for further information, write to: [email protected]