ACTION LIVE PARTNER (ALP) website opening

We are glad to announce our service open!

ACTION LIVE PARTNER, Visit as if you were there!

It is in order to make the communication between people easier that ALP is here today. Thanks to a quick technology evolution we can now go further in our way of understanding communication. You will be able to improve lived moments from wherever you are! From your PC to a mobile action, thanks to an audio / video connection with an agent or professional partner.

Visit an appartment, a machine tool, a trade fair, enjoy sports emotions, go to a concert or visit a town ! These are some exemples of "Actions" ALP is offering and we are working everyday on new ideas.

logo action live partner 
Of course we can't pretend to replace a true meeting or feeling but we tend to go in this direction with quality videos and professional agents.

In order to propose the best solution, ALP is confirming agreements with equipement manufacturers working in WIFI or 3G/4G.

ALP dedicates in priority his work to professionals willing to meet new customers. It permits to give those customers a unique service of mobile live audio/video communication. The seller has the choice between proposing the service for free or at the cost they have evaluated. In this situation we can suppose different enterprisers will join the idea and offer their services.

We believe you will find satisfaction on our network and we stay at your disposal at [email protected].

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